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Enhancing Your Brand & Profitability

Corporations and entrepreneur organizations don’t build brands to create something that looks “pretty.” They build brands to monetize them. They want to know the straightest path to accelerate their brand and monetize it.

However, often times corporations move too quickly, specifically we see this in the web space. Imagine if Facebook had focused on an advertising revenue model early on versus focusing on growing it’s database to 100 million plus? It wouldn’t have the multi-billion dollar valuation it has today.

At Ascendant we help you with the balance. How do you accelerate and monetize your brand without rushing through it and under leveraging it. Below is a diagram of our branding model. Contact us to learn more about our model and if your CEO is a good fit to benefit from our unique approach

Ascendant Strategy

Ascendant Strategy is a CEO branding development firm specializing in corporate, personal, global, brand strategy and development for CEO branding, corporate branding, and executive branding. Using a proprietary 5 phases of branding system, we focus on brand monetization, brand acceleration, and brand strategy. Our corporate and CEO branding clients have ranged from executive corporate branding clients at Fortune 50 companies to CEO’s and founders of entrepreneurial ventures. To learn about our proprietary corporate and CEO branding systems reach out to us at 336.575.3594 or info@ascendantstrategy.net. We have worked with branding clients in the United States, Canada, Europe, Africa, and the Caribbean.