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Why Ascendant?

Ascendant has built a reputation to have a large impact, very quickly on our clients brand exposure, brand monetization, and overall brand awareness in as little as 60 days. Below are our most common client benefits as well as brief case study's of client success and testimonies.

Media Personality, Owner of Consulting Firm – Ascendant helped client with securing major media, a six figure book deal, over 80 speaking engagements annually, and revenue increases in excess of 500%.
Local Ice Cream Company – Ascendant helped restructure the brand from a local store that had out priced the market in it's area to a national designer ice cream brand generating online sales, and media with Wall Street Journal, Rachel Ray, and many others.
CEO of publicly traded company specializing in retirement accounts – Ascendant helped develop 3 national tours for CEO at some of the largest churches in the country including Lakewood Church in Houston, TX to share information on wealth building with congregation members and client's company saw tremendous growth in clients acquired. Also secured two book deals for CEO and helped him become a Wall Street Journal Best Selling Author.


“Ascendant is helping our CEO brand, develop our website for maximum performance, and positioning EES for major growth in the near future.”
December 20, 2010
Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Creative
Edward Schack,

“Ascendant is detail oriented and provided great business guidance. I recommend Ascendant to anyone looking to grow in business.”
May 29, 2008
Eugene Edw. Curtain III,
President & CEO, Diversity Search Partners

“Ascendant is awesome!!!
Ascendant is detail-oriented and very adamant about effective brand management. I can appreciate their creative approach to projects, he always has their clients' best interest at heart. We are currently working together on a collaborative campaign and it has been great doing business with them.”
Michael Vaughn Stanley,

“Ascendant has extensive experience and knowledge in the area of branding. The CEO Raoul Davis is a talented writer and excels at crystallizing messages into action points. Ascendant knows how to bring the best to the people they represents. It is an honor to have Ascendant on your side.”
robyn blaikie collins,
Senior Editor, Millionaire Blueprints Teen

“Mr. Raoul Davis is within a category of his own. Our Publicly Traded Companies experienced great growth from the brand management services of Ascendant and Mr. Davis. As a CEO of a publicly traded firm managing your brand is ever more crucial to building shareholder value, and getting the right exposure for your company. With Ascendant we have accomplished a great deal including national media appearances, high profile speaking engagements, and even a national book deal detailing our story. ”
I would highly recommend.
Ephren W. Taylor, II
Former CEO - City Capital Corporation, Incoming, Inc,
and Amoro Corporation

Ascendant Strategy

Ascendant Strategy is a CEO branding development firm specializing in corporate, personal, global, brand strategy and development for CEO branding, corporate branding, and executive branding. Using a proprietary 5 phases of branding system, we focus on brand monetization, brand acceleration, and brand strategy. Our corporate and CEO branding clients have ranged from executive corporate branding clients at Fortune 50 companies to CEO’s and founders of entrepreneurial ventures. To learn about our proprietary corporate and CEO branding systems reach out to us at 336.575.3594 or info@ascendantstrategy.net. We have worked with branding clients in the United States, Canada, Europe, Africa, and the Caribbean.