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CEO and Corporate Branding

For organizations, individuals, and communities, Ascendant Strategy specializes in “the new corporate branding” by successfully accomplishing for corporate and entrepreneurial CEOs what a branding/marketing firm does for a product or service.

CEO’s Role in The New Corporate Branding:

By building and leveraging the CEO’s personal brand to benefit the corporate brand.

Our client-driven solutions are build a CEO’s personal profile through activities, such as engaging in industry-specific media, speaking appearances, book deals and article publication.

CEO and executive corporate branding differentiate organizations by turning them from a distrusted corporate entity to something the consumer can emotionally resonate with in our popular culture driven world. CEOs and other key executives are now the face of the organization, and their reputation directly impacts the buying decisions of consumers and the company’s bottom-line.

Bottom Line - CEO’s cannot escape the inevitability of the equation: Notoriety = Credibility.

Don’t believe us? Just follow the data trail:

One of the world’s largest corporate PR firms, Burson-Marsteller, completed a survey about the role of the CEO in the company’s perceived image. The results indicated that, based on the CEO’s reputation:

  • 95% decide whether or not to invest in a company
  • 93% would recommend a company as a good alliance/merger partner
  • 88% recommend the company as a good place to work

These results by themselves show a big corporate impact and tell us the importance of a CEO’s reputation to the success of the company.

Ascendant Strategy

Ascendant Strategy is a CEO branding development firm specializing in corporate, personal, global, brand strategy and development for CEO branding, corporate branding, and executive branding. Using a proprietary 5 phases of branding system, we focus on brand monetization, brand acceleration, and brand strategy. Our corporate and CEO branding clients have ranged from executive corporate branding clients at Fortune 50 companies to CEO’s and founders of entrepreneurial ventures. To learn about our proprietary corporate and CEO branding systems reach out to us at 336.575.3594 or info@ascendantstrategy.net. We have worked with branding clients in the United States, Canada, Europe, Africa, and the Caribbean.