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CEO Brand Strategy Development & Execution

We focus on CEO branding. We build and leverage the CEO's personal brand to provide our clients with strategic visibility as key personalities in their respective industry, thereby increasing market share, industry status, and net profits for their company. CEO Branding is the key to corporate winning! It is the new corporate branding.

Who Do We Work With?

Many companies see the need for increased visibility and credibility as a key to growing their business, but don’t know how to obtain it. Often times they spend millions of dollars on advertising, public relations, and marketing with little results to show for it. What they don’t realize is the brand is the driver to CEO & corporate success!

Clients hire us to help them become the next Richard Branson’s and Donald Trump’s of their corporate industry. We build the CEO’s personal brand through industry specific media, speaking appearances, and product development. We make advertising, public relations, marketing and sales process more efficient by making the CEO a trusted, respected, and visible face for the corporation. CEO branding is redefining corporate branding, this personal branding approach makes the corporation resonate more with customers.

The latest from Ascendant

Tuesday, 6-21-2011
Ascendant launches new partnership with The New Leader Summit (www.newleadersummit.com) to help position it as “The Huffington Post” of entrepreneurship as several Ascendant CEO branding clients join the editorial team.

Tuesday, 6-28-2011
Ascendant is happy to announce a strategic partnership with Fine Print Literature (www.fineprintlit.com) to have them represent current and future Ascendant clients.

Thursday, 07-05-2011
Ascendant is excited to have three clients participating in Ourtime.org (www.ourtime.org) event Honoring America’s Finest Young Entrepreneurs for a Discussion on Startups and Job Creation with Congressional Leadership, White House Officials, and Distinguished Business Leaders

Sincerely,The Ascendant Strategy Team"Leaders in CEO Branding"

Ascendant Strategy

Ascendant Strategy is a CEO branding development firm specializing in corporate, personal, global, brand strategy and development for CEO branding, corporate branding, and executive branding. Using a proprietary 5 phases of branding system, we focus on brand monetization, brand acceleration, and brand strategy. Our corporate and CEO branding clients have ranged from executive corporate branding clients at Fortune 50 companies to CEO’s and founders of entrepreneurial ventures. To learn about our proprietary corporate and CEO branding systems reach out to us at 336.575.3594 or info@ascendantstrategy.net. We have worked with branding clients in the United States, Canada, Europe, Africa, and the Caribbean.